Future Of Work

Distributed Teams & The Future Of Work

Remote work gives us the freedom to choose globally who we work with. Flexible hiring through project-based work enables businesses of all sizes to become agile, rapidly adapting to market realities and customer needs. However to take advantage of the freedom and flexibility offered through remote work requires the right kind of organisation and working culture.

Building an effective distributed team is much more than just getting rid of an office and investing in online collaboration tools. Everything about how the team works together – communication,  structure, decision making and the work culture – has to be aligned with the realities of working at a distance

We are living in exciting times where a deep scientific understanding is developing about how to create great teams, good collaboration and happy workplaces. Our experience tells us that applying these ideas and patterns results in effective distributed teams, whilst ignoring them often times leads to frustration and failure.

It is a big challenge to stay on top of all the new research and best practices of team building, and an even bigger challenge to develop realistic and relevant programmes to put them into practice. Working with our support enables you to adopt the right best-practices, build a work culture and processes appropriate for your organisation building a world-class distributed organisation without a google-scale HR budget.

We base our work on the latest research and developments about effective teams and happy workplaces including (but not limited to):

  • Google research on effective teams (Project Aristotle)
  • Agile
  • Management 3.0
  • Learning Organisation (double loop learning)
  • DDO – Deliberately Developmental Organisations
  • Reinventing Organisations aka “Teal”
  • Remote Only Manifesto

Self managing, Self designing teams

Research shows that giving responsibility to the team and it’s members noticeably increases workplace effectiveness & happiness in addition to enabling leaders to focus on customers, partners and strategy.

Our goal is to help you build teams which take responsibility for managing their work and improving how they work together. Agile teams which are capable of self-management and self-design enabling them to effectively respond to business needs and technology changes with minimum supervision.