Remote work through distributed teams has many benefits, however building effective distributed teams is a challenge and without the right approach will create stress and frustration for the leaders and the team, potentially even resulting in failure. We help clients apply best-practices to build effective distributed teams with high productivity, happiness and low turn-over.

We cover the following key areas to ensure your distributed teams are effective:

  • Hiring
  • Retreats & co-working camps
  • Remote working habits & team rituals
  • Agile Organisation & Meetings
  • Positive communication
  • Trust & psychological safety
  • Team Building, Team Onboarding
  • Team self design
  • Team learning
  • 360 Feedback
  • Distributed Team Leadership

We have decades of experience working in, leading and coaching remote, virtual & distributed teams.

Based on our real-world experience and understanding your organisation we develop an offering of teaching, coaching, facilitation and support appropriate for your organisation or team.