vorski.com: Effective Distributed Teams

Remote work in distributed teams brings many benefits if done correctly –  building an effective distributed team is a challenge and without the right approach will create stress and frustration, potentially even failure.

We will help you apply best-practices, and tested patterns to build effective agile distributed teams with high productivity, team happiness and low turn-over.

We work with all stages of start-ups from the earliest idea stage to scale-up growth. Through coaching, advice and mentoring and  we support you in designing, building, growing and nurturing your teams by building the right culture and applying tools, frameworks, patterns and best practices in the following areas:

  • Hiring
  • Team Building
  • Agile Organisation & Meetings
  • Positive team communication
  • Retreats & co-working camps
  • Habits for healthy remote work
  • Team culture
  • Trust & psychological safety
  • Team Onboarding
  • Team Learning & self-design
  • 360 Feedback
  • Leadership

With our support distributed teams become joyous collaborations, with deep trust, positive communication an environment where every team members feels that they are both challenged to grow and supported when they need help.

Based on our real-world experience and understanding your teams we develop a custom program of teaching, coaching, facilitation and support most appropriate for you, your organisation and teams.